The Urban Information Toolkit (2014)

The aim of the Urban Information Toolkit is to provide inspiration or facilitate collaboration inside heterogeneous groups of people that are interested in urban data and information. In this publication, we give an overview of our motivation to come up with such a toolkit, which is very much linked to our desire to bring forward the need for a citizen-centered approach to smart cities. We also explain  the methods we have used to develop The toolkit, and report an example of a concrete application context where we used the toolkit as part of a workshop in Helsinki in autumn 2013. We conclude with proposals for ways the Urban Information Toolkit  can be integrated to activities of companies and municipalities interested in the topic of urban information and collaboration with citizens.

This work has been supported by the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation TEKES (through the Kaupunkitieto ja toiminnan hallinta project, KaToHan) and the Aalto Media Factory (through the Urban Media Prototyping project, UMPro).

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